Bulk Golf Balls Provide Quantity At An Affordable Price

Buying bulk golf balls is a smart way to save money on a sport you love. Bulk balls make ideal practice balls or replacements if you tend to lose lots of balls on a course. You can get a large quality all at once for one great low price. But there are a few things you should be aware of when you go searching for bulk golf balls.

Recycled bulk golf balls

Many bulk golf balls are used or recycled balls. These balls are usually strays picked up around golf courses at the end of the day. Most seller of golf balls have a grading system in place to measure the quality of each golf ball assigning a rating from the highest quality to the lowest. These bulk golf balls are then priced accordingly. For example, you could find recycled golf balls labeled Mint or AAA as the top quality balls. This rating is followed by AA rated bulk golf balls and so on.

High rated balls

Mint and AAA bulk golf balls are usually in the best shape. They look most like brand new golf balls. If you purchase top rated bulk golf balls like these and try them out for your next game, you may wonder whether you ever need to purchase brand new balls again. These balls perform just as well as newly purchased golf balls at half the cost.

Lower rated balls

The bulk golf balls that are one grade lower than Mint and AAA balls are also well performing balls. These balls have been played a few times and may have a previous owner’s mark or initials on them. Lower grade bulk golf balls make great practice balls. It’s important to learn and make sure you completely understand a company’s grading system before making a purchase.

Logo/overrun balls

Logo golf balls carry the special mark of a company, sports team or other organization. These balls may be given out as promotional gifts during trade shows, or used by employees representing their company while attending a special golf tournament.

When these balls are ordered to have a special logo or design printed, what can often happen is that a mistake is made on the design or more balls than are needed may have been ordered. The excess, or bulk balls, are made by mistakes or when extra balls wind up being sold at a discount as bulk golf balls. These balls are brand new. As long as you don’t mind playing with balls that have some arbitrary picture on the side, mistakes like these can provide you with huge savings in the long run.

Purchasing golf balls in bulk makes a lot of sense if you want to save money or are tired of spending an arm and a leg replacing balls lost on the course. It is possible to locate highly rated golf balls and even brand name bulk golf balls to use as you become more experienced.

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