Golf And Golfing For Beginners – Your Basic Golfing Bag

Now that you “have taken up” the social sport of golf you may well have a couple of questions. Golf and golf is a most terrific social sport. You get to while away hours, conferring with the golf greens as well as your friends on the golf course. It’s a wonderful, relaxing pastime. As well many of business’s “big deals” and business contacts can well be made golfing and on the golf course as well in the golf course clubhouse.

Now that you have decided to enroll in the pastime of golf what indeed are the basics of golf?

To begin with w standard set of golf and golfing clubs includes three “woods” golf clubs. These three woods or “drivers” comprise the “driver”, “three-wood” and “five-wood”. Next in line, in the description of standard golf clubs are the “irons”. The groups of the “irons” group of golf clubs generally are composed of the three-iron, five-iron, six-iron, seven-iron, eight-iron, nine-iron, pitching wedge and finally the all famous golf club, with which to make your final shot into the golf cup on the golf green.

According the strict rules of golf you cannot carry more than fourteen clubs in your personal golf bag. This is a very strict and enforced rule of the game and sport of golf. You cannot carry more than the maximum allotted number of fourteen golf clubs in your golf bag – even if you never ever use those extra clubs. It can be said that often more experienced and advanced golf players mix and match here and there with extra , non of the mill , non standard golf clubs , for example a one-iron or a seven wood. However in these cases the sum total maximum of the golf clubs in their bag adds up to 14 golf clubs. As a newcomer or beginner golf player it is always best to start your golf career with the standard , simple array of golf clubs that are used by most golfers. Why make life, and your golf career, complex for yourself, unnecessarily.

The woods have the longest shafts of any golf club in your bag. The golf wood clubs are designed to simply hit the golf ball either from a small wooden peg, called the tee, which elevates the ball slightly. You can only use a “tee” in the tee-box at the start of a golf hole. Next you can hit the golf on a flat surface of the golf course, like the fairway. The “wood” golf clubs are made and designed to hit the ball a long, long way. Accuracy of the hit of the golf ball is less of an issue here. Woods obtained their name as they used to be made of persimmon wood itself. While some of these clubs are still made the old way, out of actual persimmon wood, most now are made out of metal – generally steel or better yet titanium. Some golfing fanatics will tell you that the permission based woods gives these golfers “more control” on the golf course. Again as a beginner golfer why complicate your life unnecessarily. Start with standard metal woods. In addition maintenance and care of these clubs is easier.

Like woods the irons are mismatched. These groups of golf clubs are not made out of iron but mostly of steel, titanium and with higher end iron utilizing high tech graphite materials in their structures as well. Irons with the smallest numbers, like the three-iron or the four-iron, have the longest shafts and are designed to hit the golf ball lower and further, and like the woods, with less accuracy. Shafts get shorter as the numbers printed on the sole get bigger and larger, until you get to the “Sand Wedge”. The sand wedge is the shortest club in the golf bag. The standard sand wedge has a 34 inch shaft, which is eight inches shorter than a standard driver shaft. The shortest clubs, like the nine irons, pitching wedge, and sand wedge are designed for accuracy, not distance. An optimum shot with a pitching wedge flies high in the air and lands softly, without much roll. That way you can aim right at the hole. Indeed golf professionals often call their wedges “money clubs” since these pro golfers cannot win the high end golf tournaments unless they can hit the ball so close to the hole that they are in with only a very few putts.

Lastly you will find that because these shafts are so much shorter and are designed to get your golf ball into the air, you will find that you will generally have your most success as a new and budding golf aficionado with your nine-iron and pitching wedge. These are very good clubs to practice when you are first starting out. You will soon discover what a great golf shot is supposed to feel and look like. Keep practicing with these two clubs because when you finally make it onto the golf course, these will be the clubs that will save you many a golf shot and lower your golf score.

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