How to Ensure Perfect Golf Iron Shots

Most good golfers and professionals know how far they hit their iron clubs.

This is something that every golfer should have an idea about. Not knowing how far you hit each of your golf iron shots would prevent you from playing good and consistent golf.

It does not take a long time to go on to the driving range to find out how far you hit certain iron shots for that matter any clubs. You need only check some of your clubs, not all. You could do maybe only 4, 7, 9 and PW. That should enable you to work out the ones in-between.

Different golfers hit the ball different distances, so don’t worry too much if your irons don’t go as far as your competitors’. No golfers can always hit their club to its maximum distance on every shot. Therefore it is always advisable to hit the longer club as it is not always possible to hit the perfect golf iron shots.

If you have been advised that the key to better ball swing is to keep your head down, chances are that are you are a golfer who tends to slice the ball. Also, you are a victim of bad advice. Here is the reason why. Keeping your head down can actually cause a variety of swing problems especially on your backswing as this will cause your head to get in the way and restrict your body turn.

The right way to manage your swing is to keep your head out of the way. This starts with maintaining a straight spine, from your tailbone to the top of your head. By standing tall, your body can rotate under your head more effectively and keep your swing on a flatter plane. This not only leads to better swings, it also helps keep your back and neck from getting injured.

When the head is down, the shaft angle is more upright usually leading to a slice. Therefore it is always advisable to keep your head and neck straight to flatten your swing.

To ensure the ball goes high and far with an iron, please follow the following steps:

1) Grip your iron firmly but without being too tight and allow your arms to hang down so the iron is down at your waist level. Then bend down from your waist until the head of the iron touches the ground with the ball in front of the iron’s face. Always keep yours knees bent even through the swing.

2) Start your back swing by turning your hips and coil up your body for more power. At the top of the back swing the clubs shaft should be kept parallel to your shoulders.

3) Following through with the swing after hitting the ball, the club should be brought behind the back of your head.

In golf, the aim is to achieve a 85 to 90% success. Stick to this rule and you won’t go too far wrong from hitting good golf iron shots.

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