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As you look to keep improving your practice routine, using a properly weighted golf club for practice has multiple uses and can improve your game in many different ways. Whether you are looking to improve your full swing or short game, a weighted golf club will help you reach your goals. This type of practice aid can be used indoors or outdoors and allows you to practice no matter what the conditions are outside. You will easily be able to improve faster than the regular gaggle of bandits that you play with at the club. Learn more about Golf Putting Aids on this website.

It is important that when you are purchasing your weighted golf club that the golf practice aid has the same proportional weight as a regular golf club. Having the weight in proportion to a real golf club will allow the weighted golf club to react more like your real golf club. We are not talking about placing a weighted doughnut around the hosel of the club as this makes the clubhead end of the club extraordinarily heavy. It is fine to warm up and take a dozen swings to stretch your self out like this however, I do not recommend using this setup as a full time practice aid as using this method will not help your golf swing if used for a long period of time due to the improper weighting of the club.

Club Champ Men’s Low Profile Swing Trainer with Adjustable Weight , Right Hand

Club Champ Men's Low Profile Swing Trainer with Adjustable Weight , Right Hand

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  • Premium swing trainer
  • Improves swing tempo and plane
  • Heavy 1.95 pounds overall weight
  • Molded rubber grip

This premium swing trainer by Club Champ is just the right practice tool to improve your game. Features: Improves swing tempo and plane, Heavy 1.95 pounds overall weight, Molded rubber grip.

List Price: $ 49.99


As you might expect, a properly weighted golf club will improve your golf game by making you stronger. The extra weight will make you use more of your golf muscles than you do in your .regular swing. therefore, building your golf muscles such as your core muscles. I suggest swinging your weighted golf club both right-handed and left-handed in order to keep yourself balanced.

The extra weight of a weighted golf club will also stretch you more than you are used to doing in your regular golf swing. The stretching of these muscles will build a larger .range of motion.. Fancy term, huh? All it means is that you will be ale to turn farther back and turn farther through.

A couple of examples of a properly weighted golf club are the Club 38 and Club 28 from GolfGym. These practice clubs will react more like your regular golf club however, the extra weight of these golf practice aids will put you into the proper positions in the downswing and give you a proper swing path.

The GolfGym Club 38 or Club 28 is properly weighted practice club and will react like the golf club out of your set that you will be swinging during your round. Due to the added weight, a properly weighted golf club will swing more on the correct path and get into .the Slot. on a more consistent basis, without you needing to do anything different. The added weight will also help you get into your finish position. In turn, you will produce more reliable golf shots.

You can improve your short game with a weighted golf club. With this type of golf practice aid, the extra weight of the club will help you swing the club through to the correct finish position and not scoop or try to help the ball get into the air. In getting to your finish correctly, you will eliminate the fat and thin shots that are keeping your scores from improving.

Using a weighted golf club such as the Club 28 or Club 38 will improve your golf swing. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, remember another benefit of using a weighted golf club is that you can use it indoors and outdoors no matter what the weather may be outside. This means that you can start practicing in your off-season and I will see you on the first tee with your new and improved swing!

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