Hitting the Fairways with Single-Length Irons

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Hitting the Fairways with Single-Length Irons
… hit pro shops — is one of my favorite perks of being a golf equipment writer. And last month, that extra sense of excitement came back to me as I got to try out the new single-length irons from Cobra Golf. The KING F7 One Length is a complete set of …
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PREVIEW: Bridgestone Golf JGR cavity back forged irons
There’s been some movement in the last couple of years from equipment makers toward offering more forged choices for mid- and high-handicap players, giving them the mix of the feel of a forged iron with a lot of (but not all of) the technology found in …
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Cobra’s new DeChambeau-inspired One Length irons
And now anyone can put the rising PGA Tour star’s clubs in play. Cobra Golf has announced they will be releasing the King F7 One Length irons which are very similar to the set Dechambeau plays, with consistent re-engineered 7-iron length and weighting …
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Greg Norman is hitting golf balls again and swinging “like a rusty gate”

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Greg Norman is hitting golf balls again and swinging “like a rusty gate”
Greg Norman doesn’t have much time or desire to play much golf these days but in between picking up palm fronds after Hurricane Matthew and rebranding his business The Shark is back hitting a golf balls in preparation for the annual Franklin Templeton …
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How 150-MPH Golf Balls Remind Us to Question Everything We See
I have a friend that doesn’t believe a single cool video or picture he sees on the internet is real. “That’s fake, totally fake,” he says when presented with any remotely interesting image. If you posted his own wedding video to YouTube he’d …
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Metro & state: U-M’s women’s golf bests MSU in Tar Heel Invitational
Side view of driver and golf ball on a tee (Photo: Getty Images) Women’s golf: Michigan State finished with its best round of the Tar Heel Invitational, shooting a nine-over 297 in the third round at Chapel Hill, N.C. The Spartans shot a 54-hole total of …
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Latest Golf Shoes News

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Laid-back living! Chris Martin goes barefoot and zips around in a golf cart to pick up groceries
The Coldplay frontman was spotted going out for groceries in a golf cart on Sunday. The British rocker, 39, looked relaxed as he sported a big smile and a matching happy face baseball hat and no shoes. Chris dressed way down for his Sunday outing – opting …
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Zappos Golf: Golf Shoes, Clothing, Gear
Under Armour Golf UA Storm Sweaterfleece 1/4 Zip $ 69.99 Under Armour Golf UA Storm Sweaterfleece Full Zip $ 79.99 Ace your style with golf shoes and golf clothing from top golf brands like TravisMathew, Nike Golf, Jamie Sadock, Footjoy, and more! From golf …
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Can Anyone Learn to Swing a Golf Club?

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Anyone can learn to swing a club, and play golf. Golf is like any other game; it is a compilation of a number of skill sets. One must learn to swing a club, to move the ball; one must learn to aim, to move the ball in the correct direction; and the object then becomes moving the ball proficiently around the hole and ultimately around the course. The object of golf is to score as low as possible. This article will discuss the swing itself, but do not think that a great swing instantly makes a great player. There are many skills to learn in playing any game, and golf is not different.

If you have been on a driving range, you must agree it is quite an interesting amusement watching all of the different methods people employ to move the golf ball. You have seen the chop, the push, the scoop, and on and on. It is amusing at least and excruciating worst, but entertaining none the less. Have you ever wondered why people swing the club the way they do? Are they mimicking a tour pro, or are they making it up on the go? The answer is that they do what they think is correct. This is not a characteristic only of golfers; this is a characteristic of anyone trying to learn a new skill. Boxing, lawn mowing, baseball, hammering, whatever the skill may be, there are different takes on how to do it. So as we watch the folks hit balls at the range, can we conclude that there are many different ways to skin a cat and one method is not better than the other? Yes and no; as long as the method employed allows you to move the golf ball from point A to point B efficiently, then yes. If you can consistently move your golf ball as you predetermined, then you are playing golf and your swing is O.K. However, if the method that you use is inconsistent, unpredictable, and limited, then no, your swing is not as good as it could be, or should be.
So how do you know if your swing is O.K.? If you are eating with a knife and fork and you are getting the food to your mouth in proper bits, assuming no bodily injury, then you are probably wielding the eating tools properly. I know, I have seen it too, the off person who holds their fork like a bicycle grip, but the food is consumed, and these folks are not losing weight, so they know how to wield a fork. The same is true of golf; we have seen many different swings, with different looks, but they cannot be called wrong if they produce the desired results. So the determining factor as to an efficient swing and a bad swing can be pared down to results. Does the swing in question produce good results? This is a simple concept, but some may argue what constitutes good results, and I must say this is an individual thing. A beginner may consider his swing a success if he can get the ball airborne. An expert would only consider his swing sound if he can consistently and on command move his shot as he has drawn it up in his mind. Ben Hogan said that he only hit about 3 perfect shots per round. Ben would move his ball toward the hole; if the pin was on the left he would draw the ball in, starting it at the center of the green and working it toward the hole. Likewise with a right side pin placement, Ben would fade the ball into the pin location, starting the ball in the center of the green and curving it toward the hole. If Ben decided to fade a ball into a right hand hole position and the ball ended in the middle of the green he would consider that a miss hit shot.
You are not Ben Hogan, but a good golf swing for the average player, needs to accomplish a few basic requirements;

·         The swing must allow the player to hit the ball first and flush, meaning ball then ground.
·         The swing must allow the player to produce adequate distance.
·         The swing must allow the player to adjust and control trajectory and spin.

Some of you may want to add to this list and please feel free to do so, but I believe these three elements make up the basic criteria of a good swing. If you can do these things, you can play golf. Before we move on to how to accomplish these basics, I must point out that if you cannot do these things, it does not necessarily mean your swing is incorrect, it may mean that you have not mastered the skills yet. Remember, golf is an athletic action which requires some athletic timing and ability.  Kicking a football is an athletic action that most of us can do, but as an athletic movement it can truly be mastered only by a great athlete. Golf is like that as well; only great athletes can ever hope to be top players. But unlike football kickers, average golfers can actually become quite good and compete at very high levels. Just remember that golf is an athletic movement and a lot of our failure in golf can be laid at the feet of poor athleticism.
All of that being said, golf is not high jumping; an average person should be able to average 80 around a par 72 golf course with little trouble and a sound swing. Before you write me and tell me that you know people with good swings who cannot break 80, I will tell you that there is more to golf than a good swing. Most talented players, who cannot score, do not score well because they do not know how to play golf. In case you were not listening; swinging the club is not playing golf, it is an element of golf. So what is the first fundamental of the golf swing? The first fundamental of the golf swing is to understand how to use the golfing tool. Remember the golf range, and the folks scooping their way to bad golf? These people scoop, because the golf club looks like it is made for scooping. In reality, the club does resemble a big spoon. The club has loft designed into the head to lift the ball in the air, right? So the beginner thinks that he needs to get under the ball. In reality however, the golf club is a little more dynamic than it looks.  In fact the golf club is quite an ingenious design of physics. The club is designed so that the user can use it by applying only one force; tangential force! I know you all have heard that the golf swing is all about centrifugal force and on and on, blah, blah, blah. Well I am not a physicist, but I did take physics in school and I know that centrifugal force is an imaginary force. What? Yes, you heard me, there is no such force of physics. 

Look it up, centrifugal force is an idea, a concept to explain appearances, not a real force! So since we have cleared that up, we can dismiss the idea of applying a non-existent force to the golf ball. I only mention this because the idea of centrifugal force actually puts the picture in our mind of a club flying around in a circle and merely picking the golf ball up at the bottom and lifting it on its way. If this is your picture of the golf swing, I recommend that you rethink the golf swing. The club head does not trace a circle; in fact the head does not really trace any geometrical shape, but if pressed I would say it traces somewhat of an ellipse. Now please, do not think that I am arguing circles or squashed circles to be a smarty pants. These concepts are very important to visual learners. Some people can do anything they can visualize; these people must be made aware that the golf club does not swing in a circle, constantly being pulled outward. First and most important, this is not what is happening, and second it is not the picture you want in your mind. Remember, if centrifugal force were a true force, and you really swung the club centrifugally, then if the club head flew off during your swing (based on centrifugal force) it would fly directly away from you. For example if it flew off right at impact it would fly right into the ground. Now anyone who has ever had a club head fly off at impact knows that it does no such thing, it in fact flies out in front of you, down the target line. Why does it do this? It does this because the force you are applying to the golf ball is tangential force, not centrifugal force. Simply put an object traveling in an arc will leave the arc on a line tangent to the arc. This means that tangential force will move the ball, or the club head if it flies off, directly down your line of play. So it has taken me a while to get there, but what this means to you is that you only have to apply tangential force to the ball, meaning hit it flush in the back and the ball will travel forward. Your job is to apply this forward momentum to the ball. The clubs job is to apply trajectory and spin to the ball.
If you learn nothing else from this article, please learn that the golf club is designed so that you only need to apply that one force. You make the ball go forward; the golf club will do the rest. That is why you have 14 clubs to choose from; sometimes you want the ball to go higher, sometimes lower. The club will take care of trajectory, spin and distance; all you do is apply the force.   For the most part, on full shots you apply the same force for a driver as you do for a seven iron. They go different distances and fly different trajectories, but you have done nothing, but apply the same force to the back of the ball. That brings us to hitting the ball flush. To make the ball fly straight you must contact the ball directly in the back of the ball, generally near the equator of the ball. If you think about your golf clubs, you will notice that when you putt the putter will contact the ball directly on the equator. If you hit it below the equator the ball will loft in the air and if you hit above the equator you will pinch it against the ground and it might hop a little. If you have read any putting books you might have been taught to forward press your putter (meaning leaning your putter handle forward of the blade and ball). The reason some teach this is because putters like all clubs have loft and if you sole your putter with your hands directly in line with the ball and the head of the putter you will hit the ball slightly below the equator and the ball will loft in the air. Keep in mind that the putter was designed to do just that, hit the ball up into the air slightly and then roll out. Some teachers do not like this effect on slick greens, so they advise the forward press with the hands; this takes loft off of the putter allowing your stroke to catch the ball directly in the back, on the equator. 

When you catch the ball directly in the back you will impart maximum forward momentum. This is true in putting and it is true with every club in the bag, so if you know your goal is to hit the ball in the back, and you know that with the club perfectly soled with your hands in line with the ball you will contact the ball under the equator. Your goal with most clubs is to apply maximum force to the ball so you need to contact the equator, if you contact below the equator your shot will fly higher and shorter than you desire. Therefore it is common sense that at impact your hands and the grip end of the club must lead the club head past the ball. Remember to contact the equator of the ball with the sweet spot of the club the loft must be turned down! Meaning hands ahead with a descending blow.
Now that you know where to hit the ball for the perfect straight shot, it should not be too far of a stretch to figure out how to hit higher or lower shots. For the perfect straight, long shot every club must lean forward at impact; in fact a wedge will lean more than a seven, which will lean forward more than a driver, but the hands will never be behind the club head. If you ever have a chance to see yourself on camera, take a look at your hands at impact. In relationship to the ball and the club head, your hands should be slightly in front. If they point at your belt buckle, or worse, you do not have an efficient swing and you cannot play consistent golf. If your hands are ahead, then your swing can produce solid contact and maximum distance. For those of you who do not get into this position you must learn how to do it. Now this is a problem, because to properly swing down and through, a golfer needs to produce adequate lag and pivot in his swing. And quite frankly these are athletic movements. You have heard that the golf swing is a marrying of an arm swing and body turn. Unfortunately that is true; I know you were hoping to hear otherwise. The good news is that it is not super hard to accomplish this move to some degree. The bad news is that if you cannot turn through the golf ball you cannot properly compress the golf ball and take your divot on the pro side (in front) of the ball. I mention divot, because if your divots start at or just past the ball it is a pretty good bet that you are contacting the back of the ball properly.

 So watch to see where your divots are appearing, you need to move them forward to play consistent golf. So you need lag and you need to turn through the ball for your swing to consistently contact the ball in the rear. Lag simply is a term which defines how much angle you have between your lead arm and the club shaft on the way down to the ball. At some point that angle will reach 180 degrees. Remember at the top of the swing you want 90 degrees and as you swing down that angle increases until after impact and then it resets in the follow through. The reason you want to retain some of that lag (meaning impacting the ball before your angle hits 180) is so that your club head bottoms out in front of the ball, not behind. That move will guarantee that you contact the ball directly in the back. But that move is not done in a bubble; if you swing your arms and do not clear your body, you cannot hold onto that angle. In fact, if you keep light pressure in your low hand (right for righties) and gently turn through your shots with your body, you will create the lag you need. This really is quite easy and can be accomplished by any coordinated person. You can also preset this gentle turn through the ball by playing with an open stance. There are many methods; you will find what works for you.

The killer of a good swing is the hit impulse. Remember back on the range, and the choppers that we saw? The hit instinct is the strongest natural force in golf. Remember I spoke of the myth of centrifugal force? Any golfing physicist will verify the hit instinct force, this force is not imaginary, but it can be overcome, maybe. You cannot develop lag in your swing if you hit at the ball. The very act of hitting will release the angle that you stored at the top of the swing; you must relax your grip (especially in trailing hand) and gently pivot your body through the ball and into the through swing. Only until you develop effortless power can you play the game well. If you hit at the ball, you will produce powerless effort. An affective powerful swing comes from proper ball contact, from a club travelling on the proper path. If you can hit the ball in the back consistently you can control the curve and trajectory of the ball. And if you can control the ball effectively then you have a good swing.

Dennis McCann

Columbus, OH

Dennis is an avid golfer and an author of golf articles. He also has a great interest in golf instruction and will publish articles from time to time, for some unique instructors. Dennis is the president of Anchor Goods LLC, a company that operates online stores. You can visit [http://www.yourgolfgps.com] for other golf musings, and get an instruction article called “The Secret of Golf”, emailed to you absolutely free.

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How Not To Slice Golf Ball

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How Not To Slice Golf Ball
How Not To Slice Golf Ball
Discover How Not To Slice Your Golf Ball And Drive It Straight To Target. Improve Your Scores And Spend Less Time On The Golf Course. Winning Strategy Of The Pros Revealed. Find Out How A Fifty Year Old Newbie Drives The Golf Ball To Target Without Slice.
How Not To Slice Golf Ball

Rory Mcilroy’s Lifelong Coach Reveals The Unique 6 Step Golf Lesson
Rory Mcilroy's Lifelong Coach Reveals The Unique 6 Step Golf Lesson
Rory Mcilroy’s Coach And Mentor Reveals Simple 10-minute-per-day Technique To Create Your Perfect Golf Swing…without Hitting A Ball! These Unique Online Coaching Videos Easily Train Your Muscle Memory For A More Powerful, Accurate And Repeatable Swing.
Rory Mcilroy’s Lifelong Coach Reveals The Unique 6 Step Golf Lesson

Weighted Golf Club – The Best Practice Aid

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As you look to keep improving your practice routine, using a properly weighted golf club for practice has multiple uses and can improve your game in many different ways. Whether you are looking to improve your full swing or short game, a weighted golf club will help you reach your goals. This type of practice aid can be used indoors or outdoors and allows you to practice no matter what the conditions are outside. You will easily be able to improve faster than the regular gaggle of bandits that you play with at the club. Learn more about Golf Putting Aids on this website.

It is important that when you are purchasing your weighted golf club that the golf practice aid has the same proportional weight as a regular golf club. Having the weight in proportion to a real golf club will allow the weighted golf club to react more like your real golf club. We are not talking about placing a weighted doughnut around the hosel of the club as this makes the clubhead end of the club extraordinarily heavy. It is fine to warm up and take a dozen swings to stretch your self out like this however, I do not recommend using this setup as a full time practice aid as using this method will not help your golf swing if used for a long period of time due to the improper weighting of the club.

Club Champ Men’s Low Profile Swing Trainer with Adjustable Weight , Right Hand

Club Champ Men's Low Profile Swing Trainer with Adjustable Weight , Right Hand

  • The right practice tool to improve your golf game
  • Premium swing trainer
  • Improves swing tempo and plane
  • Heavy 1.95 pounds overall weight
  • Molded rubber grip

This premium swing trainer by Club Champ is just the right practice tool to improve your game. Features: Improves swing tempo and plane, Heavy 1.95 pounds overall weight, Molded rubber grip.

List Price: $ 49.99


As you might expect, a properly weighted golf club will improve your golf game by making you stronger. The extra weight will make you use more of your golf muscles than you do in your .regular swing. therefore, building your golf muscles such as your core muscles. I suggest swinging your weighted golf club both right-handed and left-handed in order to keep yourself balanced.

The extra weight of a weighted golf club will also stretch you more than you are used to doing in your regular golf swing. The stretching of these muscles will build a larger .range of motion.. Fancy term, huh? All it means is that you will be ale to turn farther back and turn farther through.

A couple of examples of a properly weighted golf club are the Club 38 and Club 28 from GolfGym. These practice clubs will react more like your regular golf club however, the extra weight of these golf practice aids will put you into the proper positions in the downswing and give you a proper swing path.

The GolfGym Club 38 or Club 28 is properly weighted practice club and will react like the golf club out of your set that you will be swinging during your round. Due to the added weight, a properly weighted golf club will swing more on the correct path and get into .the Slot. on a more consistent basis, without you needing to do anything different. The added weight will also help you get into your finish position. In turn, you will produce more reliable golf shots.

You can improve your short game with a weighted golf club. With this type of golf practice aid, the extra weight of the club will help you swing the club through to the correct finish position and not scoop or try to help the ball get into the air. In getting to your finish correctly, you will eliminate the fat and thin shots that are keeping your scores from improving.

Using a weighted golf club such as the Club 28 or Club 38 will improve your golf swing. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, remember another benefit of using a weighted golf club is that you can use it indoors and outdoors no matter what the weather may be outside. This means that you can start practicing in your off-season and I will see you on the first tee with your new and improved swing!

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What You Need To Know About Taylormade Golf Clubs

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Taylormade Golf Clubs research and development was an expensive and time consuming task and not too many manufacturers can afford the resources to produce equipment like the. Stagnation of thinking on design or deficient attention to manufacturing detail is not an option. The incidenc of duds or lemons after this process is extremely unlikely. Taylormade Golf Inc. designs assembles markets and distributes premium quality technologically innovative golf clubs. Specific concentration on their special areas of expertise has enable Taylormade golf to really excell with their golf club and accessories products. Taylormade golf investment in research and design ensures that they produce ground breaking designs year after year after year.

TaylorMade Men’s Steel 5 PW M2 Iron(Right, Regular)

TaylorMade Men's Steel 5 PW M2 Iron(Right, Regular)

  • Dramatic distance from every iron
  • Steel-reax 88Hl
  • Grip-tm speed grey end cap 600

By employing three unique weight-saving features-“l-shaped” toe design, 360 degree undercut, and our new thick-thin fluted hosel-we are able to position the center of gravity Ultra-low. This gives us the ability to utilize stronger lofts without sacrificing peak trajectory, resulting in long, playable shots from each iron.

List Price: $ 599.99

Price: $ 599.00

TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Fairway Wood, Right Hand, Regular, #3

TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner Fairway Wood, Right Hand, Regular, #3

  • New aerodynamic shape with a shallow face raised center crown and new hosel fin
  • New Speed Pocket increases the size of the sweet spot and reduces spin
  • Uses highest strength face material Ni CO 300 Super alloy built with new Matrix Speed RUL Z 60 Shaft and TM Speed grip
  • New matte white finish black PVD face and linear AeroBurner crown graphic make alignment easy

TaylorMade Mens Aeroburner FairwayDriver-Like Launch Conditions With A Fairway Wood, Just Like Jason Day! The AeroBurner Fairway Wood from TaylorMade uses their largest Speed Pocket ever to achieve driver-like launch conditions with a fairway wood by increasing the size of the sweet spot, adding more face flex and reducing spin. A shallower face, raised center crown and new hosel fin generate more speed for more distance. This is the same fairway wood used by Jason Day on the PGA Tour, including

List Price: $ 149.00


True to their heritage they have enjoyed the favour of many players of all levels with the Taylormade Golf Clubs. I might just have to keep this one to myself at least until I take my buddies money next saturday. High quality and forgiveness from all of the bad habits i throw at them are testament enough for me.

Rescues are taken care of with the 3 & 4 irons clubs whose design proliferates the mantra of optimum launch angles and high MOI. Taylormade Golf Clubs 5 – 7 irons incrementally moves the centre of gravity as the irons progress ensuring optimum playability. CGB RAC R7 Burner. The final transitional change is the 8-pw which incoporates a cavity back design.

Taylormade Golf Clubs complimented my game so well that I have dropped a few shots off my handicap without really doing anything different. The skinners group will have to keep paying for some time to come until the handicapper sorts out my new found proficiency. There is such a smooth transition of performance throughout the set that I am finding that this alone is really making my game much more consistent.

Consistency and confidence from your game will both benefit from these game improvement irons. The design of the hybrids really has allowed me to cut through some rough lies with some surprising ease. Taylormade Golf Clubs enable me to get on with just playing the game as opposed to trying to work out which club should be able to do what.

Be reasonable with yourself when you are assessing your own skill level before purchasing any sporting equipment. Failure to abide by this golden rule will almost certainly sour your results. Optimal performance and leading edge technology innovation are all on show to perfect your game with Taylormade Golf Clubs.

If you have a good trusted suppliler that you are happy with then stick with them to avoid geting burnt. Dont get caught in the scams if the golf deal is too good then there is probably a good reason. I have not had any problems with these guys touch wood offtogolf.com.au golfsaleadams.com and offtogolf.com.au Taylormade Golf Clubs

Make sure you scope out this review of the taylormade golf before you buy. We reveal one of the best sources to find yourself huge savings on taylormade golf

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Choosing A Golf Ball For Your Style Of Golf

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Make no mistake; playing golf with the wrong type of golf balls will negatively affect your game. You should play the best golf balls for your particular game otherwise you may be sacrificing accuracy and consistency for a few extra yards.

How do you know which are the best golf balls for your ability and your strength? To make an informed decision, you need to understand what the different characteristics of the golf balls mean.

For the purpose of this article I will not get into details about the diameter of a golf ball, how much does a golf ball weigh, the number of dimples on a golf ball, or the specific materials that go into making a golf ball. Instead I will go over the important factors that will help you in choosing a golf ball that is right for you.

1-Piece Golf Balls

The one piece golf ball is made from a solid material and is normally used on the range as a practice ball and sometimes by beginners. Although it is very durable and inexpensive it doesn’t give you much distance.

The Two Piece Golf Ball

Two piece golf balls have a solid core enclosed in a cover which is made of a cut proof material, making them very durable. They are the ones that are used by most casual golfers because they give you maximum distance. This is because of their firm feel and low spin rate that causes them to roll further on the fairway. The drawback is that they are not as controllable as a softer ball.

3-Piece Golf Balls

The 3-piece golf ball consists of a solid or liquid core encircled by a lining and enclosed by the outer cover. These are the preferred ball of many low handicappers that have the ability to take advantage of the higher spin rate and softer feel. These specifications make these balls more accurate for driving and they have more spin and control for the short game.

Four-Piece Balls

With golf ball technology advancing at a rapid rate, the latest improvement is the four-piece ball. They combine the characteristics of good distance, spin, and feel; they are generally marketed towards the more skilled golfer up to the PGA pro golfers. Each of the four layers helps the ball to perform to the maximum for distance, spin, and feel. You get great distance with the driver, plenty of spin with your middle irons, and enough control with your wedges and feel with your putter.

Low Spin Golf Balls

Low spin balls produce less spin which causes them to carry as far but when they hit the fairway they roll more to compensate. The higher handicapped golfer will appreciate that there is less side spin as these balls will have less tendency to hook or slice – resulting in straighter shots.

Mid Spin Rated Golf Balls

The mid spin golf ball is the one suited for the majority of golfers. They offer a combination of distance and feel giving most golfers good distance and control. Sometimes the softness differs from brand to brand so you have to get used to the level of control.

High Spin Rated Golf Balls

As these balls spin the most they create more backspin which keeps the ball in the air the longest and so has the biggest carry. Although they won’t run far on the fairway, you get the benefit of great control around and on the greens as they have more feel.

Firm-Feel Golf Balls

Firm-feel balls will feel hard when you strike the ball with the club-face. The majority of distance golf balls are firm which is fine for distance but not good for feel around or on the greens. You will find that most high or mid handicap golfers will choose these balls because of the extra distance which they are willing to trade for the loss of control onto the green. Apart from the distance, these balls are the longest lasting and are difficult to scuff up or mark.

Mid-Feel Golf Balls

The most popular golf ball for the mid handicapper is the mid feel golf ball, as they combine the ability to produce good distance and control.

Soft-Feel Golf Balls

Soft feel golf balls are preferred by low handicappers and professional golfers. The best players can use their skill to work these balls any way they like. They are great for the short game where spin and the soft feel make them ideal. They are generally not suited to the casual golfer because they are not so good for distance and the soft cover scuffs easily.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Pink, Pack of 12

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Pink, Pack of 12

  • Softest Golf Ball We’ve Ever Made: 35 compression is the softest golf ballon the market
  • Super Long: Ultra Low Compression reduces spin for increased distance
  • Super Straight: Low spin results in straight ball flight
  • Mutliple Color Options: Supersoft is available in traditional White, Optical Yellow, Pink or Multi-color pack
  • Featuring traditional White, Orange, Lime and Turquoise golf balls for hotter visibility in the air or on the ground

What do you get when you combine the lowest compression golf ball on the market with HEX Aerodynamics? A long, straight distance ball that is incredibly soft of course.

List Price: $ 27.50

Price: $ 21.95

Callaway 2015 Warbird Golf Balls, White

Callaway 2015 Warbird Golf Balls, White

  • WARBIRD CORE• The larger, softer core results in faster ball speeds for maximum distance It also creates a thinner cover that enhances feel without sacrificing speed and distance off the tee
  • HEX AERODYNAMICS• Our proprietary surface pattern has been re-engineered to produce even better low-speed lift for more distance while maintaining the stable, penetrating ball flight that’s been a trademark of HEX Aerodynamics
  • TWO COLOR OPTIONS• Warbird is available in traditional White or Optical Yellow for additional visibility in the air or on the ground

Designed for distance seekers who want to see maximum flight. This 2-piece ball is long and features a larger, softer, high-energy core that yields astounding ball speed. With its commitment to distance, and a white or optical yellow color option, Warbird is a strong option from the Callaway Golf Ball brand.

List Price: $ 28.00


Golf Ball Compression Ratings

The compression of a golf ball is similar to the feel factor. The amount that a golf ball can compress is rated by a number; if you go to the extremes, then a compression 0 will compress by 0.2 inches and higher, and a compression 200 ball will not compress at all. The soft-feel golf balls are also known as low compression balls and are rated as compression 50 to 70. Hard-feel golf balls are high compression balls and have compression 100 to 110 or higher. Sometimes a compression 90 golf ball from one manufacturer will not feel the same as a compression 90 from a different manufacturer – it seams there is no standard way of measuring the compression.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have a fast swing speed you should use compression 110; golfers with an average swing speed should use compression 100, and a slow swing speed golfer a compression of 80.

Finally with regards to compression, did you know that the weather can play a part in choosing the compression of your golf balls? Low compression balls are best for colder weather because the ball doesn’t compress as much when it is cold; therefore high compression balls are better for hotter weather.

You should also take into account the condition of the golf course; with sun scorched, hard fairways, you will need a soft feel golf ball that spins more so that you can control it when it hits the fairway or green. If the course is sodden, you will need a golf ball that carries further and that has less spin so that you have more possibility of greater distance.

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