Choosing A Golf Ball For Your Style Of Golf

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Make no mistake; playing golf with the wrong type of golf balls will negatively affect your game. You should play the best golf balls for your particular game otherwise you may be sacrificing accuracy and consistency for a few extra yards.

How do you know which are the best golf balls for your ability and your strength? To make an informed decision, you need to understand what the different characteristics of the golf balls mean.

For the purpose of this article I will not get into details about the diameter of a golf ball, how much does a golf ball weigh, the number of dimples on a golf ball, or the specific materials that go into making a golf ball. Instead I will go over the important factors that will help you in choosing a golf ball that is right for you.

1-Piece Golf Balls

The one piece golf ball is made from a solid material and is normally used on the range as a practice ball and sometimes by beginners. Although it is very durable and inexpensive it doesn’t give you much distance.

The Two Piece Golf Ball

Two piece golf balls have a solid core enclosed in a cover which is made of a cut proof material, making them very durable. They are the ones that are used by most casual golfers because they give you maximum distance. This is because of their firm feel and low spin rate that causes them to roll further on the fairway. The drawback is that they are not as controllable as a softer ball.

3-Piece Golf Balls

The 3-piece golf ball consists of a solid or liquid core encircled by a lining and enclosed by the outer cover. These are the preferred ball of many low handicappers that have the ability to take advantage of the higher spin rate and softer feel. These specifications make these balls more accurate for driving and they have more spin and control for the short game.

Four-Piece Balls

With golf ball technology advancing at a rapid rate, the latest improvement is the four-piece ball. They combine the characteristics of good distance, spin, and feel; they are generally marketed towards the more skilled golfer up to the PGA pro golfers. Each of the four layers helps the ball to perform to the maximum for distance, spin, and feel. You get great distance with the driver, plenty of spin with your middle irons, and enough control with your wedges and feel with your putter.

Low Spin Golf Balls

Low spin balls produce less spin which causes them to carry as far but when they hit the fairway they roll more to compensate. The higher handicapped golfer will appreciate that there is less side spin as these balls will have less tendency to hook or slice – resulting in straighter shots.

Mid Spin Rated Golf Balls

The mid spin golf ball is the one suited for the majority of golfers. They offer a combination of distance and feel giving most golfers good distance and control. Sometimes the softness differs from brand to brand so you have to get used to the level of control.

High Spin Rated Golf Balls

As these balls spin the most they create more backspin which keeps the ball in the air the longest and so has the biggest carry. Although they won’t run far on the fairway, you get the benefit of great control around and on the greens as they have more feel.

Firm-Feel Golf Balls

Firm-feel balls will feel hard when you strike the ball with the club-face. The majority of distance golf balls are firm which is fine for distance but not good for feel around or on the greens. You will find that most high or mid handicap golfers will choose these balls because of the extra distance which they are willing to trade for the loss of control onto the green. Apart from the distance, these balls are the longest lasting and are difficult to scuff up or mark.

Mid-Feel Golf Balls

The most popular golf ball for the mid handicapper is the mid feel golf ball, as they combine the ability to produce good distance and control.

Soft-Feel Golf Balls

Soft feel golf balls are preferred by low handicappers and professional golfers. The best players can use their skill to work these balls any way they like. They are great for the short game where spin and the soft feel make them ideal. They are generally not suited to the casual golfer because they are not so good for distance and the soft cover scuffs easily.

Golf Ball Compression Ratings

The compression of a golf ball is similar to the feel factor. The amount that a golf ball can compress is rated by a number; if you go to the extremes, then a compression 0 will compress by 0.2 inches and higher, and a compression 200 ball will not compress at all. The soft-feel golf balls are also known as low compression balls and are rated as compression 50 to 70. Hard-feel golf balls are high compression balls and have compression 100 to 110 or higher. Sometimes a compression 90 golf ball from one manufacturer will not feel the same as a compression 90 from a different manufacturer – it seams there is no standard way of measuring the compression.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have a fast swing speed you should use compression 110; golfers with an average swing speed should use compression 100, and a slow swing speed golfer a compression of 80.

Finally with regards to compression, did you know that the weather can play a part in choosing the compression of your golf balls? Low compression balls are best for colder weather because the ball doesn’t compress as much when it is cold; therefore high compression balls are better for hotter weather.

You should also take into account the condition of the golf course; with sun scorched, hard fairways, you will need a soft feel golf ball that spins more so that you can control it when it hits the fairway or green. If the course is sodden, you will need a golf ball that carries further and that has less spin so that you have more possibility of greater distance.

Find more info on choosing a golf ball to suit your game at Mick Euan Tait’s website. You will also find facts for the best golf balls.

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Titleist Golf Balls – Are They All Hype Or Are They Legend

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Titleist Golf Balls

Without doubt titleist golf balls are the major brand name for golf balls. Performance and quality are their strongpoints and the number of professional golfers using titlest golf balls is quite high. Their consistent golf swings make the choice of golf ball and reliance on quality paramount.

There is a strong company desire to provide professional and recreational golfers with the best most consistent golf ball products they can. Their ability to achieve this over time warrants their reputation.

Extenside product investment of both effort and financial resources are undertaken by titleist in an endeavour to remain at the forefront of golf ball development. The results can be seen in their achievment of consistent quality and manufacturing tolerances of their consumer released products

Every golfer is spoilt for choice at titleist. There is so much to choose from. The Pro V1x golf ball is a very popular choice. It features improved aerodynamics with a lower vertical flight but longer distance. It is a great choice for the harder hitters after increased distance, straight flight, whilst retaining a formidable stopping capacity on the greens.

All golfers will enjoy the latest titleist pro v1x golf ball out on the market. It has a softer polymer cover to enhance feel for players of varying skillsets. It is a high performing ball with emphasis on distance and stopping prowess

Titleist Pro V1 (2015 Model)

Titleist Pro V1 (2015 Model)

  • Exceptional distance
  • Softer Feel
  • #1 Ball on Worldwide Tours
  • Long Lasting Durability

More short game spin and control with even softer feel, penetrating trajectory for exceptional distance, and long-lasting durability. The Pro V1 is a three-piece, multi-component technology with a very soft compression ZG process core, ionomeric casing layer, softer thermoset urethane elastomer cover, and spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design.

List Price: $ 42.00

Price: $ 45.95

The titleist pro v1 is another old favourite of golfers everywhere. It is a proven performer. The prov1 is a real sticker around the greens, and its late flight profile is for a much steeper descent. This is perfect for imparting as much control as possible back to the player. It has a slightly lower departure angle keeping it out of the wind longer. The pro v1 is a for hihgly skilled golfers where control and capability are of maximum concern

Aerodynamic flight tuning is a mojor development concern when making titleist golf balls. Boundary layer energy management and dimple desing greatly affect golf ball dynamics. The titleist pro v1 has a 392 dimple pattern design enabling its characteristics. Golfers need not concern themself with these details as the bottom line becomes apparent when used in action on the golf course. Titleist golf balls have won a huge number of professional tournaments over the last 25 years or so. This speaks volumes for itself.

You will find a vast array of golf balls designed for different golf audiences. Titleist golf balls are certainly the most in demand. Unfortunately with demand comes price, and titleist golf balls are not cheap. The old adage “you get what you pay for ” is alive and well. When you factor in the marketing, the design, the research, then you will quickly appreciate why. You will have to scour around to find suitable prices.

Can you justify the cost. You have to be realistic with your appraisal of your game to determine this. “here is no sense getting a ferrari for a 90 year old grandad, visually impaired in one eye , with a patch over the other, and asking him to go out and better michael schumacher”. The result will always be the same. Choose a titleist golf ball that matches your game.

Are there any cheaper options to obtain titleist golf balls?. You are in luck here. Some people like to try the balls in the most inexpensive way they can. Your best option here is to try the refinished golf balls or mint used titleist golf balls. They come at a fraction of the price and give you an economical option to test the water.

Still need some help finding golf balls. are very agressive in their pricing and I have purchased of them before. I have no issues with delivery of quality of product from them. I contacted the owners to see if their golf balls were genuine. All products they sell passes through customs checks in two coutries before they can sell their goods, and they only source form reputable suppliers. That was enough for me knowing that at either of those checks could result in the goods being confiscated if they were not genuine. I figure they would go broke pretty quick if the goods were not real. Check them out.

Is the reputation of Titleist Golf Balls all hype or are they a real game enhancement with a justified cost. We divulge a secret source to buy your Titleist Pro V1x golf balls cheaply

All About Golf Swing Training

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Golf Swing Training

Golf is a game for individuals who are familiarized with how to even out the force of the subconscious to work according to the development of the body. The capability to imagine the course of the golf ball for each and every swing is a vital capability for any golfer. Then again, golf is mainly a game of the judgment. The slant to over-assess methods can from time to time eliminate the complete game and the said system is squandered. Instructing is a self-evident requirement part in this diversion and some golf instructions book existing in the block and mortar bookshops and online will inform you that there are vital conditions while doing golf.

Golf requires the application of innovative ability in order to deliver made up towards oneself movements making the ideal swings. With any golf lesson, the first concern you have to check out is your swing plane. See whether your elbow is in the right area otherwise golf swing elbow trainer can make it possible. Normally, with completion objective you should make this adequately, you need to envision yourself having a serving meal with a drink on it. The tidy swing aircraft is finding the elbow as though you are communicate a tray in synchrony with the back-swing position.

The swing is the essential lesson for any golf victory. For the most part, golf players find it checking to deliver a shot from an excellent swing. This is because of the body which is frequently resistant to the relocations secret for a first class golf swing. Golf swing instructors ordinarily guide golfers to develop their physiques a few months of a customized session. In location for the physical body to adjust to the security and do swings that are fitting, you ought to condition and tone your muscles.

Also, golf swing mentors are reasonable with concurring numerous genuine moves in performing the best swing that capability as suggested by musicality, pacing and extent. There make sure advancements that help a connections man make that smooth beginning through the back-swing that stay away from jars and unique advancements that upsets the swing linkage. These moves make up of the drawing back of the knee joint and the flexing of the visit the best side.

Likewise with the end goal you need to have an amazing and capable motion simply by the golf ball, you ought to validate that you move into the one-piece move takeaway. In every golf class, you will be taught on the finest method to rearrange the arms, clubs, stomach and hands all in amicability for a club-head under and the complete back swing.

Unusual situating of the various parts of the body is a self-evident requirement with each one golf swing you have to make. According to different playing golf exhorts, you will be informed on how you need to move your knees in order to deal with the anxiety in the body. Each time you allow your go to turn ideal while you swing once again to the golf ball, you will strongly raise your spine area to turn out.

You’re required to expect solidified practice all the time in order to turn into an expert. Appoint a number of hours to study a few books and exploration numerous online posts that will direct you hitting the fairway insights which will without a doubt increase your fun and results.

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Intelligent Distance Golf Training System – Idgt40

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Intelligent Distance Golf Training System – Idgt40

Intelligent Distance Golf Training System - Idgt40
A Revolutionary Hybrid Golf Performance Program That Utilizes Daily Swing Drills And Simple Exercises To Tap Into The Body’s Full Potential For More Distance And Consistency. 40 Drills, 40 Simple Exercises With No Fancy Equipment Over 40 Days = 40 Yards -


Intelligent Distance Golf Training System – Idgt40